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Rare Earth, Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Sintered & Polymer Bonded Ferrite, 

Cast & Sintered - Alnico  Magnets.

Plain & Coloured, Magnetic sheeting. Adhesive backed  Magnetic strip.

*All materials are sourced, wherever  possible, from licensed international sources





SABEL MAGNETICS   was started in the mid-1980's as a division of Gerald Sabel & Sons CC (1910), manufacturers of machine

 knives and blades, by Mr Gerald Sabel, inspired by Mr Eric Froggatt of General Magnet Products, Sheffield, UK.

In earlier years, the company's main activity was, the manufacturing and regrinding of machine knives, as well as, the repair and 

re-magnetising of Electro and permanent Magnetic Chucks, and we were the appointed repair agents in South Africa for Eclipse Magnetics,

 Sheffield, UK, and Walker Braillon Magnetics FR. During this period the company also manufactured special magnetic chucks, magnetic grids,

 and clamping devices, of own design.


As time passed, the company became stockists and selling agents of permanent magnets, as well as of magnetic fixtures. In 1998, the company

became independent, and is now run by Mr Brian Massey, and valued staff, in South Africa, and assisted by Mr Gerald Sabel of Sydney, Australia.

Presently we are distributors and seller’s of the more common sizes of Alnico, Rare Earth, Ferrite and polymer bonded magnets and can assist in 

obtaining special magnets for our clients. We sell magnetic assemblies such as magnetic lifters.  All enquiries received are treated as being 

important, whether for large or small.

We source our product only from reputable companies, and we endeavour to ensure that only the highest quality licensed product passes 

through our sales department, which is in the capable hands of the managers and Staff.  

Staff  Members : 

Mr Milidzani “ Edson” Nyathi --  Manager / Sales      Mr Ebrahim "Ebbe"  Patel   --  Accounts / Manager /  Sales                                                                                           

                        Just call me "Edson"                                                   

Management :  

Brian Massey --   SOUTH AFRICA.                                  Gerald Sabel -- CONSULTANT (AUSTRALIA)

Brian Massey